Portfolio for Open Call – Köln

Things I would like to work with in Köln are the ordinary people, who has a passion for music, or creative work. Both the artists, musical or other, and their followers. In the 70s and 80s, people became more individual, but also as collectives, sub cultures. The Punks, the Synths, The Rockers. This has continued in the newer times, with new collectives. Even if you want to be an individual, you also want to belong to a group. And in the last years, even more after the pandemic, the old collectives are coming back. New Punks, new Synthers and even iconic looks from the 60s, 50s, and older, are coming back.

The world is also getting bigger, and getting closer. The Japanese, and Korean influences are growing, and with the influx of new movies, series and games, the cosplay scene creates a vast landscape of new collectives. And these collectives grows deeper, with more specialities. World competitions among Mermaids. Star Wars enacters that needs meet certain qualities to fit into the collective. New technologies are put in use, and nearly forgotten occupations are re-born. New seamstresses emerges, new blacksmiths, shoemakers and more.

This happens over the internet, and IRL. It happens now, and I really want to document the movement and connect now with then, and then presenting it in print and in guidings. Working Title – SUB culture